Where MATH meets AI, DATA, and AUTOMATION.

“Automation is no longer just a problem for those working in manufacturing. Physical labor was replaced by robots; mental labor is going to be replaced by AI and software.”

Andrew Yang

Automation has always had meaningful impacts throughout the history. It has revolutionized each and every industry, both by creating jobs and destroying them. Online businesses are no exception. Automation has already revolutionized these businesses several times. Here at INTELLERCE LLC we believe that a new and even more impactful revolution has already begun and it is a matter of time before your business is also impacted by it if it isn’t already.

Big data and machine learning are rapidly giving their places to Artificial Intelligence – the next natural step of the revolution where the knowledge of the past and predictions of the future are augmented by automation in decision-making. If your company has not already planned for the implications of the upcoming changes, we can help.

  • What is AI and what can be done with it today and tomorrow?
    For decades, scientists have been trying to find a way to mimic the behavior of the human brain. After all, if we can make a working “brain” in a computer, we can make as many copies of it as we want and we can quickly and efficiently scale up our capabilities. However, this has of […]