Consulting Services

The highly educated team at INTELLERCE LLC has worked on a wide range of AI and ML problems and can provide invaluable consulting services to the interested parties. Large Language Models (LLM), Stable Diffusion (SD), Transformer-Based Models and other Generative AI Models, Convolutional Models and other AI Vision based models are just a few examples of AI-related problems that the team has expertise on. The team also has extensive experience with Optimal Decision Making using Reinforcement Learning as well as Optimization and Acceleration of AI models using various known techniques and our own proprietary methods.

Trusted by happy customers

Kalin Ovtcharov
Co-Founder and CEO of EXTROPOLIS Corp.
(Ex. Microsoft Researcher & Principal Manager)

“Working with the INTELLERCE team was an absolute pleasure. Their deep understanding of AI technology and ability to translate our needs into a functional solution made the development of our AI-based video to video pipeline a seamless process. Their expertise in Stable Diffusion was invaluable and allowed us to create a truly cutting-edge system. We highly recommend INTELLERCE to any organization looking to integrate AI technology into their operations.”

In this project our team helped EXTROPOLIS AI develop AI-based image and video generation pipelines based on Stable Diffusion, ControlNet, LoRA Models, and LoRA Fine Tuning used in their App.

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